Fitness Community


Optimum performances are not attained from practice and exercise alone.  Sleep, hydration, stress and mental health all contribute. But performance relies on food as well.  Educating yourself on food and how to properly supply your body is crucial to helping you accomplish your fitness and life-long goals.  

Nutrition can be a vague area for some. Food, in general, can be an afterthought in our busy lives.  As a young athlete, I had a desire to perform at optimum levels in all of my athletic endeavors and studied food and nutrition for assistance.  I taught myself how to cook, applied what I learned from my studies and immediately noticed an increase in strength and energy levels. So I went on to obtain a B.S. in Human Foods and Nutrition and worked to become an Executive Pastry Chef.  Now as a Private Chef & Nutritionist,  I delight in teaching simple ways to understand the nutritional value of foods, ways in which food works with our bodies and how you can use food to obtain your fitness goals.

Services I Have Provided

  • Assessments: Biometric Measurement Education

  • Comprehensive Look: Lifestyle, Goals & Nutritional Needs. 

  • Overview: Nutrition and Dietary Lifestyles explained

  • Food Suggestions: Shopping, Menu Planning, Preparing & Cooking Classes