Corporate Wellness


Are you an employer looking for new and creative ways to enhance your Corporate Health & Wellness Program—and therefore your employees’ experience? Your programming is designed to help manage staff health care costs and create a happier and healthier workforce.

Good health starts in the kitchen!

So, why not incorporate a fun-filled food event series into your programming? Invite your team/group to learn more about food, cooking and nutrition in a fun, interactive event during lunch break or after hours.

As a former Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market in Boston from 2009-2014, I held an educational position specifically designed to educate team members, customers and the community about the merit of the “Health Starts Here Program®”. I created and delivered lively, hands-on cooking demonstrations, cooking classes and team building events tailored to give employees the opportunity to learn, engage and enjoy specific food themes (like: chocolate, the sense of taste, herbs and spices). During classes we discussed ingredients, skills and culinary techniques, recipes were handed out, and I answered any and all questions from participants regarding food.

Classes I Have Conducted

  • How to begin a healthy lifestyle

  • Shopping and eating on a budget

  • Food and Wine Pairings

  • Creating Quick and Easy Meals



Food is always present at a Team Building function, so why not make it the focus? Food alone brings out something in everyone. Let’s remove the traditional barriers, hierarchical structures and have some fun!


The “Oh So Sweets” of Spring!

Desserts! Treats! Sweets! Whatever you like to call them, this class focuses on how to put together light desserts that can be served up in the springtime (or all summer long).

Secret’s in the Sauce

“How did you make this?!” “Can I have the recipe!?” Don’t you just love hearing this as your guests point to their plates? Come and learn new sauces and secret ingredients that will set your dishes apart from the rest at any dinner party.

Hors D’oeuvres Party

Small plates, tapas, piattino… whatever your pleasure, let’s take a new look at the old scene!  Small plates are all the rage at restaurants, but they’re also what’s served at the beginning of almost any dinner party or event.  Why not make yours the of the town!?