Corporate Clients


Are you an employer looking for new and creative ways to enhance your companies’ culture, corporate wellness program, overall morale or you just want to say “Thank you” to your team? Most programming and experiences are typically designed to help manage staff, assist with health care costs and create a happier workforce.  

Our overall health and morale can start in the kitchen!

So, why not incorporate a fun-filled food event into your programming? Invite your team/group to learn more about food, cooking and nutrition in a fun, interactive event during lunch break or after hours.

Currently and as a former Healthy Eating Specialist at Whole Foods Market from 2009-2014, I educate individuals, customers and the community on the world of food. I create and deliver lively, hands-on cooking classes, demonstrations and team building events tailored to give clients the opportunity to learn, engage and enjoy specific food themes. During classes we discuss ingredients, hone skills and culinary techniques, analyze recipes, and share answers to any and all questions regarding food, nutrition and cooking.



    Cooking Classes

    Food is always present at a Team Building function, so why not make it the focus? Preparing food alone brings out something in everyone. Let’s remove the traditional barriers, hierarchical structures and have some fun! A few cuisines and styles that have been explored are Spanish tapas, French Bistro, Mediterranean, Japanese and Thai. Chocolate classes are also offered seasonally.

    Mystery Dinner Party

    Immerse your group in mystery, intrigue, and laughs.  Your guests are at the center of the action where they need to dress to impress and team up to solve a crime.  Dress, food and drink served are tailored to the theme of the evening. 



    Shopping and Cooking on a Budget

    How to take one recipe, shop for it and make several other recipes from it.  The main recipe itself has many items that may not be purchased for the sole reason to “condense” the number of items purchased and stay within budget.

    Sugar – Friend or Foe?

    Sugar has captured the spotlight, but not in a good way.  Why?  Why has this oh-so-tasty, yet tempting substance that we have loved since birth become troublesome in our lives?   Through a game format, we take a look at the relationship between sugar, our bodies needs and how we can productively incorporate it in our dietary lifestyles.

    Hors d’oeuvres

    Small plates, tapas, piattino – whatever your pleasure, let’s take a new look at the old scene.  Small plate restaurants are all the rave, but hors d’oeuvres are the beginning of many an event.  Come learn some simple dishes that can make yours the talk of the town!