Corporate Case Studies


Massachusetts Hospital Association

Nutrient Dense Foods

In October 2010, the MHA needed someone to give a talk on food and it’s relationship to our health.  Their Corporate Wellness Committee representative, Elaine, was in charge of finding different ways to educate her colleagues on Health and Wellness.  After several brainstorming sessions, we titled it “A Brief Introduction to Nutrient Dense Foods”.  I planned a 15-minute presentation on which foods are considered nutrient dense, how they are important to our bodies and how they are utilized.  I also brought in nutrient dense foods, provided tasty samples and handed out simple recipes.  I have been working with MHA for three years now and I just hosted “Holiday Appetizers and Mocktails”, a demonstration of recipes both selected and made by the staff.  Four members each make one simple recipe for everyone to sample.  It is important to me that my clients get to experience how easy and delicious being “healthy” can be (even during the holiday season).

Presentation Topics

  • A Brief Introduction to Nutrient Dense Foods

  • Simple & Easy Ways to Take Care of Ourselves

  • Alternative Meals Through the Holidays

  • Holiday Appetizers & “Mocktails”

Tufts Medical Center


The Public Affairs and Communications office at Tufts Medical Center decided to reach out to the new residents of Boston and the surrounding community by launching a “Healthy Morning” initiative.  This Healthy Morning out-reach program needed a few quick breakfast snacks to go along with the informative “coffee” conversation about Tufts Medical Center and the many services it offers.  I have been a part of the program playing the role of Chef/ Nutritionist since 2015 and provide the individual offerings, along with recipes and thorough answers to the many questions that the general public may have about maintaining their health through food.

Tufts University


Cooking on a Budget

Kristy Kelly from the Tufts University School of Public Health emailed me to be part of the Week of Health at the Tufts campus in downtown Boston.  She stated that students had trouble with finding an inexpensive way to eat healthy foods on a budget, when cookies cost $.50 and apples $1.25.  l took one recipe, shopped for it, purchased 2-3 additional items and made it into seven different meals.  I asked a member of the audience to assist me (“guide” me) through the recipe, read the ingredients on the products and calculate the cost of each product.  As we went through the recipes, we found that not all the ingredients needed to be purchased, as they were often already included in a product (i.e. spices and aromatics found in salsa). With little effort, we applied time saving tricks to make other dishes and discovered the overall cost of the seven recipes totaled only $40.

Towers Watson

 Creating Quick & Healthy Meals

Creating quick and healthy meals is of interest for most people.  Cynthia of Towers and Watson, after learning that a large majority of her staff were young and had very few cooking skills, asked me to help her out with a cooking demonstration. I decided to work with 2 specific recipes that could be “made easy” by utilizing healthy, prepared foods found at the grocery store… recipes that require little-to-no preparation, no knife skills and are vegetarian and vegan friendly without much effort.  I demonstrated the ease of preparation, gave the staff samples to try and handed out additional recipes they could make with this theme in mind.