Chef & Nutritionist


“What do I want for dinner?” 

And the thought process begins. You have to stop at the store, figure out what to buy, stand in line, get home, prepare the meal, serve the meal, enjoy the meal (hopefully!)… and THEN clean? Then do it again the very next day? Does all this read as exhausting, daunting or on the bottom of your “to do” list….?

You’re not alone.  At some point in time, everyone has dreamed about hiring a Personal Chef. 

“A Personal Chef could do the cooking, make whatever I want, however I want it. Food wouldn’t just rot in my kitchen, I would get meals that taste great and I would have more time for what I want to do!”  

As a Personal Chef and Nutritionist, I am an accomplished Chef with more than 20 years’ experience preparing food on a professional level and an extensive, working knowledge on all things nutrition.  Can these skills be combined? Yes! Don’t worry; I know how to make “healthy” taste really good!  I tailor menu plans specific to my clients’ tastes and am equally happy to teach them simple ways to understand the culinary arts and the nutritional value of foods. 

As a Personal Chef, I take care of:

  • Shopping (for simple and inexpensive ingredients)

  • Preparation (in my home or yours!)

  • Cookware

  • Cleaning

  • Packaging

  • Delivery


  • Nutrition Consultations

  • Private Cooking Lessons & Demonstrations

  • Shopping & Meal Plans

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Private, In-Home Cooking Classes: 

Doesn’t the party always start in the kitchen? Why not yours! Treat yourself, or family and friends, to a cooking class (or party) customized by you, for you. Perfect for dinner parties, birthdays, social gatherings or for the individual.

Educational Cooking Parties:

It’s the Food Network Plus, in your own home! Invite your friends or a series of couples over and learn about food and nutrition all in one night. Enjoy a fun, interactive evening designed by you: the menu, the topics and the food. All chosen by you, for you to enjoy!

Kitchen Organization:  

Do you have unused jars and boxes of ingredients hidden in random parts of your cupboards? Need some help knowing how to set up and store the items you've purchased? Containers aside, let’s design your cabinets so you can see through them with the doors shut.

Nutritional Counseling:  

Have you ever had a chance to really learn what "nutrition" is all about?  What are food and nutrition…to you? I’ll walk you, step-by-step, through basic concepts so you can better understand the nutritional value of foods.

*Please email for class pricing.