Individual Case Studies


USA Today Bestselling Author

An author, who had just made her debut and had a bustling book tour ahead, contacted me to be her Private Chef and Nutritional Counselor.  She needed to focus on writing, had no time for cooking and wanted to learn more about how to eat and take care of herself when she was on tour. After a quick assessment, I drew up a proposal for her and I to have 4 Nutritional Consultations, so I could educate her on the relationship between food, the body and overall health. It also included a comprehensive layout of her daily eating habits, useful shopping establishments and how to accommodate a healthful dietary lifestyle when on tour. She also received a detailed menu of “what and when” to eat the meals I delivered to her home weekly while she wasn’t on tour.  We set her goals and I took these into consideration with each meal I prepared.  I also checked in every time I delivered the meals to make sure she was happy and that they would keep her in line with her goals.  She enjoyed not having to think about what to eat, that she had more energy and that she didn’t experience the feeling of being hungry all the time like before. Which made concentrating on writing that much easier!

Mrs. Colburn

Mrs. Colburn had recently undergone major shoulder surgery and needed help in her kitchen.  She was also interested in my nutritional services, as she wanted to learn more about foods to promote healing.  After assessing her dietary lifestyle and the needs of her and her family, we decided she needed meals that inspired, were approachable and had ingredients she could store in her freezer if need be.  I sent her a weekly menu, she would choose what she wanted and I would prepare the meals for her.  I would also explain what each dish specifically contained to help to promote her healing, show her the best way to store it and provide her the recipes for the dishes she enjoyed most.  We also took an opportunity to work together in her kitchen so she could learn new techniques for when her shoulder properly healed.

Olivia & Neal

Olivia and Neal have a family that craves adventure.  They enjoy trips abroad, mountains to ski, and they love all things food.  Neal is in the software industry but has a culinary background and remains curious about the latest trends.  They wanted to have neighbors and friends over for dinner, but were bored with the “gathering” routine. They called me to ask my thoughts on the matter.  “Do you have any foods that you are interested in trying?” I asked.  “Durian Fruit,” Neal said. …And a dinner party was planned.  This is a very different fruit, noted to be more than just an acquired taste, and it made for an interesting evening.  Even the children were able to get in on the fun of learning how to cut it open, how to work with the interior of the fruit and the different ways in which it can be prepared.  The exotic fruit left some with a grin and others with a growl, but a fun filled evening was had by all.